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CHEMOCAM Imager 8.3

CHEMOCAM Imager 8.3

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The ChemoCam Imager 8.3 is our superior system of ChemoCam "chemiluminescence system family" and allows you, thanks to the highly sensitive 8.3 / 33.2 megapixel camera and analysis of the unbeatable fixed angle lens (F: 0.92 / 25 mm) the possibility of applications such as: Chemiluminescence , luciferase / -
cover bioluminescence and fluorescence images in a single system. We put so
new standards for image clarity and imaging features. The newly designed camera electronics ensure, together with the highly efficient 4 increments Peltier cooling for an even lower background and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

The camera chip used in our camera system has the now labeled Standard microlens technology.Microlenses on each individual pixel of allowing even the detection of emitted Lichphotonen incident not exactly at 90 degrees in the respective pixel / well. Thus, not only the sensitivity / sensitivity of the system increases, but you also get more accurate measurements than with camera systems the exact technique not last.


product Description

  • Frozen Scientific grade camera 
  • Kodak CCD sensor (KAF 8300ME)
  • 8.3 / 33.2 megapixel resolution
    microlens technology
    16 bit (65536) grayscale
    25.000e full well capacity (no binning)
    --- Optical decades (OD)
    80.000e full well capacity (2x2 binning)
    --- Optical decades (OD)
  • Four stages Peltier cooling (delta -50 ° C)
  • Lichtstarkes fixed focal length lens
    F / 0.95 25mm
  • Darkroom with intelligent software control
  • Darkroom with manual lens control
  • Chemo Star Recording Software
  • analysis software


Required hardware

  • Control and analysis PC / Win7
  • TFT monitor from 24 "

  • Note to our LED Spectra modules:

    The excitation color of each LED Spectra module can be matched 100% on your fluorochromes used.With special filter sets "crosstalk / overlaps" of excitation light waves or the emission of the respective fluorochromes be prevented. Standard EPI illumination systems can only RGB (red, green, blue), so there is no overlap the excitation light waves. We are, thanks to the newly developed EPI multiplex excitation capable maximum "4" very close to light lying fluorochromes and read.

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