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Royal qPCR test Kits-Listeria

Royal qPCR test Kits-Listeria

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Royal qPCR Listeria Test Kits ( 48 tests/Per Box ) are suitable for food safety test.

Advantages of Royal qPCR food safety test kits :

*Reliable, Stable: qPCR accurately detects challenging pathogen strains. Eliminating cross-talk reactivity

*Fast: qPCR delivery results within 2 hours (usually 30 min.)

*Efficiency: Purification is efficient and fast. DNA performs well in downstream analysis with high signal-to noise ratios

*Sensitivity: Highly sensitive pathogen detection even in difficult food matrices. 1-10 target copies in a reaction.Detection Limit of few pathogen 100 copies/ml

*Specificity: qPCR is a sophisticated tool to maximize specificity

*Ready-to-use: Easy and reliable sample preparation, even DNA extracted from low-count samples