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RT- PCR Porcine test Kits

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Royal RT-PCR test kits specifications :

Reliable and Stable
Efficiency, Sensitivity, and Specificity Ready-to-use,
and Simple Protocol Shipment of Room Temperature

Royal Veterinary RT-PCR test kit's Category :

Porcine RNA                                                                          Product Code

Porcine reproductive and Respiratory syndrome virus         RBVET-S001-96R

Porcine rubulavirus                                                                RBVET-S002-96R

Swine in-uenza virus                                                             RBVET-S003-96R

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus                                            RBVET-S004-96R

Classical swine fever virus (hog cholera)                             RBVET-S005-96R

Japanese encephalitisvirus                                                   RBVET-S006-96R

Swine vesicular disease virus                                               RBVET-S007-96R 

Influenza A virus                                                                     RBVET-S008-96R

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Package : 96 tests/each box


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