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Vial Lab- Ecoli/Coliform

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Microbiological Analytical Kits Several Advantages of Integrated Approach -Plate counting methods -Enzymatic methods (β-Glucuronidase assay) -Immunological methods (Antigen search) -Genetic methods (Gene search) Samples Without PreTreatment -Allows solid(or liquid,or surface) samples without any treatment Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis -100% quantitative analysis with RVLM™ -Semi-quantitative analysis by eye Easy - Three easy steps to obtain the test results - Without any technical training Fast -2 to 5 Fold Faster than Traditional Analysis High Sensitive & High Selective -Down to the theoretical limit of just 1 viable microbial cell present in the sample -Up to the experimental limit of 99.999% with respect to other bacterial species Lab in a Vial - Our Royal Vial Lab™ is ready-to-use - Can be carried out Everywhere by Anyone Safely Dispose of the Used Vials -The same as expired drugs ****20 tests/Per Pack  

Pls keep 2--8 degree C Refrigerator for research only

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